I grew up in Venice, California in the 70's; a multi-ethnic, social melting pot of blue collar families, artists, gangs, and surfers.  Although I didn't think of it at the time, that dynamic of forces determined who I wanted to be, and set in motion my life journey. Along that path, I worked my way through college, did Zen meditation in Japan, and found my life's calling working as a vice president at one of the world's leading body wear companies.  To the outside observer, it was about creating and selling leotards.  But to me, it was something entirely different; it was about using stretch fabrics to enhance a persons body, to create a new self-confidence that would make her whole life a better place.  I loved what I did, and was tremendously successful at it.


In the mid-90's, disco and aerobics disappeared :-(  So I bought a struggling custom athletic uniform business.  I searched for new clients during the day, made patterns during the middle of the night, and laid out what needed to be done for my production crew when they came in the next morning.  I was making patterns for basketball, football, and baseball.  My clients included the Los Angeles Lakers (2001 - present), the LA Sparks, the D-Fenders, Division 1 collegiate basketball teams, huge high school programs, and travel teams.  Then, in the Fall of 2010, I created patterns for a new girl's softball clothing line I named "TheGluv" that mirrored my work in the women's body wear industry.  I released the line in 2011.  

TheGluv immediately captured peoples attention with the beautiful body lines I created for our Revolution Pant, which featured no zippers nor belts, and our tackle twill professional line of jerseys.  I created a whole consumer line of compression wear, socks and shorts to go with the uniforms, as well.  We re-invigorated the sport on the West Coast, and helped make it a more cheerful and fashionable place for girls to enter, amidst the dusty and pressure filled environment they found themselves in.  By 2016, TheGluv had become a national phenomenon, sparking many overseas produced imitations by many huge manufacturers.  But TheGluv continues to resonate as an American-made garment.  With it's iconic Pink and Black open-heart logo, rebelling against the big corporate brands that have taken jobs away from our country.