TheGluv Athletique

This balance of Strength and Beauty, is the conceptual foundation of TheGluv. As a Bodywear Designer, I set out to build the ultimate Body Contouring Softball Pant, that would be affordable, and manufactured in California. I remember cold Winter evenings, alone in the Factory, music blaring through my headphones, as I drew and cut patterns. After several weeks, I finally felt I had achieved in building a pant that helped girls feel strong and secure while accenting their femininity. TheGluv was born! 


Trixi Athletique

Bright and fun, Trixi Athletique brings Capris and Hot Pant Volleyball Shorts with custom color side panels and bra tops to your fitness lifestyle. Perfect for volleyball teams and fitness organizations, Trixi also offers custom long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless jerseys, made to order in our Huntington Beach Production Center.


Mikelanja Bodywear

Attractive body lines are the ultimate fashion statement.  Mikelanja leggings have an elegant subtle sheen and beautiful structure that is meant to be paired with your most elegant outfits and accessories.  Choose from our Signatures line, with immediate availability, or let us create a unique legging just for you, with our La Mia premier option.  Made in Huntington Beach, California.  Mikelanja Bodywear.



"Leomicci", the Path of the Lion.  The name itself is a blend of my love for Italian and Japanese culture. Powerful men's leggings for MMA and cross training.  Exquisite European mercerized cotton, sculpted into fitted muscle tees to be paired with your jeans, leather jackets, and boots.  Or pair it with a soft sculpted sport coat, linen slacks and suede loafers.  Leomicci connects the modern day man to heroic icons of the past.