Raymond Felton of the Los Angeles Clippers x Jonathan Oe Apparel Inc.

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Jonathan Oe takes pride in designing and crafting sports-related wear for athletes of any age. Although his expertise lies in tailoring the perfect Softball pants for females, Jonathan has always felt a connection to Basketball especially since working with the LA Lakers for many years. This endeavor is a pivotal mark in Jonathan's work because of the clientele he designs for, and seeing his men's line, Leomicci, flourish into the hands of hardworking men like Felton (pictured above). People with great talent like Los Angeles Clippers Basketball star, Raymond Felton experiences the craftsmanship of Jonathan Oe's creations. Note the custom made Leomicci tee with special shoulder pad insert, by Jonathan Oe 2017. Whether Jonathan is working on Leomicci, producing luxury body wear for men, such as tights or custom fitted tees, or making special pieces like a shoulder pad insert for a famous athlete, he always has an incredible taste for quality and primal aesthetic features. 


Jonathan Oe